What if Easter isn’t about bunnies, eggs, or even Jesus Christ?

Alex Turner
6 min readApr 21, 2019
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Easter was always a magical time as a kid growing up — hot cross buns, hoarding chocolate Easter eggs, hand-blowing and decorating and hunting for eggs — and — let’s not beat around the bush, those precious two weeks off school.

There were also some church services thrown in, lots of talk of crucifixion, Jesus dying for our sins, and this beyond-comprehension resurrection.

It was a time to remember how terrible we human beings are, and how pure and without sin Jesus was, as demonstrated by a) making that ultimate sacrifice with his life, and b) all that love he poured out for us while up there dying on the cross.

Now. First off. I wasn’t raised a Christian.

If anything, I was raised an atheist, a non-believer, equally sceptical of the Holy Bible and the Easter Bunny.

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But as I’ve grown up and become this alleged adult, I’ve explored more and more of my own spirituality.

I’ve actually found myself very on board with many teachings that are put forward by religion, at a high level. There is so much that Buddhism and Christianity share with ancient yogic teachings that it’s impossible to not believe it comes from the same place somewhere up the line — some shared root.

The moralistic teachings resonate with me, often really strongly. It’s more like recognition of truth than knowledge, or even a belief.

Having this in our hearts is what god means to me.

This is how I understand a connection to god.

As a non-Christian, I do take issue with a few of the fairly fantastic historical accounts in the Bible. Nonetheless, I try and take the message at high level, and I read around it — even if I don’t necessarily take the stories at face value.

So, because it’s Easter, I decided to test this one against my internal discernment guauge.

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