Top 10 Uses For Your Yoga Mat (that aren’t yoga)

If you ever promised yourself that you would get into yoga, but just didn’t — now there’s no reason to feel guilt.

Alex Turner
3 min readAug 27, 2018


Here’s my Top 10 Uses for a Yoga Mat if yoga is the last thing you want to do on it:

  1. Keep it in the car as a bona fide yoga prop. This shows the world that you are spiritual, self aware, and likely super bendy. But the best bit is, you don’t actually have to join in any classes so no one is any the wiser. We all know that props are great in yoga.
  2. Use the yoga mat to sleep on. This is especially great if you don’t have a bed. Yoga mats are also great on camping trips as a sleeping mat, or if you’re someone who likes to enjoy a night out under the stars on a comfy layer of rubbery plastic. You might even wish to donate it to a homeless shelter, and give it to someone who may really appreciate it to sleep on.
  3. Yoga mats are great on trips that involve bathing. If you travel with small children, the yoga mat can go in the tub and provide a colourful, non-slip surface to make bath time more enjoyable. As an adult this may still apply, or simply put it on the floor for when you’re stepping out and want to avoid an embarrassing, painful slip.
  4. Repurpose your yoga mat in the garden. Here’s one for the aspiring vegan, or alternatively for any gardeners, use the mat as a simple kneeling mat while tending to the veggie patch.
  5. Struggling with weeds in the garden? Use your yoga mat to smother them, or any plant you don’t like like the look of.
  6. Enjoy dining al fresco? Yoga mats make excellent and easy-to-wipe down picnic blankets. No more stains, dried on food or any of that nonsense — provided you do actually wipe it down after use.
  7. Use your yoga mat to fix down slippery things. Tired of all your rugs and hall runners slipping out of place? Just place your handy yoga mat under the rug (or anything, pets excluded) and it’ll stay in place. Particularly useful when it comes to vacuuming, may I also add.
  8. Your yoga mat is an excellent heat protector. If you’re handy with a pair of scissors and you really have no…



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