The haunting cry of my call to the Entrepreneur Life

Alex Turner
5 min readNov 13, 2018

You may have the calling to be your own boss, and you may know exactly how you’ll do it. Set up an environmental foundation. Create a T-shirt site. Write a book. Design a mitten that you know the world really needs.

But it wasn’t like that for me at all.

I had a good job, I believed that was the path, and I worked hard through the promotions and the pay grades. But it never felt enough.

When I worked for others who had control over my salary, my time, and who set the expectations of my performance — I never felt safe.

That lack of safety and the resulting financial insecurity gave me anxiety.

That’s where it all began. Very faintly to begin with, and then increasingly louder — I could hear the haunting call to embark on the entrepreneur life.

That call didn’t come in overnight — it was more like a personal journey to discover why I felt so ‘out of alignment’.

Specifically, it felt like:

  • being stuck in a trap,
  • drained of creativity and energy,
  • chronic overwhelm,
  • indecisiveness,
  • not knowing what I wanted, just that I didn’t have it,
  • deep dissatisfaction with my circumstances,
  • a sense of being out of control, and a desire to regain control,
  • feeling limited, constrained, stuck, and paralysed in day to day life,
  • craving freedom,
  • never having enough money,
  • never having enough time,
  • wanting flexibility,
  • in dire need of more travel (or time off)
  • being hungry for change, and
  • IBS, according to my GP.

It took it’s toll on me. I felt broken . Even my guts despaired.

Then the mentors, the role models and the guides started appearing on the horizon.

Their message spoke directly to my soul. They spoke of creating the freedom I knew I wanted, and they lit up a vision that I never knew I had. I knew I had to make a leap of faith. It was an…

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