Thank you Thomas for such a considerate response. I completely agree it is society which needs fixing and we surely work for this. I’d like to pick up on your experience about the lady on the bus with the pram if you’ll allow me — this following piece of guidance really helped me get clear on my perspective.

So in any circumstance, you can stop and ask “would you do this / say this to a man?” Or vice versa — that’s how to know your action is fair.

E.g. if you wouldn’t hold a door open for a man, or help a man off the bus, don’t offer it for a woman. If you wouldn’t comment on a man’s appearance, don’t comment on a woman’s. If you would comment on a man’s performance at work or what he said in a meeting rather than the clothes he wore, do the same for a woman.

I’ve found that helpful for me as a gauge for my judgement, and perhaps it will help you, or you can pass it on.

Anyway, thank you so much for considering my point and I wish you all the best also.

Founder, feminist, entrepreneur, coffee + self care

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