How to stop being too hard on yourself.

(especially if you think you’re not)

So this in itself explains why I experience Overachiever Syndrome.

Chronic goal setting, chronic anxiety, stress and overthinking, and chronic disappointment when you never quite reach those impossibly high standards.

How can you not be hard on yourself, and still maintain your values?

Abandoning my values isn’t acceptable.

So is there any other way?

It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you view what you do.

It’s also interesting to know where the “hard on yourself” story came from in the first place.

“You never do anything right”

“Right and wrong are neither moral judgments nor arbitrary standards from outside. Through our own awareness, we discover what is beneficial (“right”) and what is unbeneficial (“wrong”).”

Rather than doing them from a place of “having to be a good person who does the right things”, I can just do them.

Founder, feminist, entrepreneur, coffee + self care

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