Can you have Yoga Without Asana?

What asana means, and how I yoga without it

Alex Turner
6 min readMar 23, 2019


Four years ago I completed my yoga teacher training.

I can’t really remember who I was as a person before I started, and I can’t quite remember my reasons for doing it.

From what I do recall, shamefully, it was a rather superficial thing about seeking a job I could do on the side, and at the same time actually becoming better at yoga myself.

I wanted to do all the cool stuff like headstands and handstands in dramatic locations — and mega ego trip if I could teach that to others.

Getting the certificate was important to me.

The course itself changed all of that.

It changed me too.

Midway through it, I went into existential crisis and, to be brutally honest, I’m not sure if I’m truly out of it.

12 months of training had passed, and I still couldn’t do a headstand.

But worse, I found out beyond a shadow of a doubt that my chakras were well and truly fucked.

Of particular significance was my root chakra — which obviously represented my home, and my finances. That explained a lot.

But my solar plexus chakra was also a mess — my will power, my self-esteem, my courage, even my digestive system. On all levels, this chakra was legit screwed.

To make matters even worse, I’m pyrophobic too — afraid of fire. That’s the element of the solar plexus. How was I going to heal this one, then?

Simultaneously I started to gain hope — and it — that yoga could fix me.

Then there was the stuff about myself that I actually did know about already — like fear of public speaking.

Learning to be a teacher, to stand up in front of a class and talk, impart knowledge — that scared the heebie-jeebies out of me.

Yeah, I knew my throat chakra needed some work. But after my yoga teacher training, of course I no longer admitted to a fear of public speaking (glossophobia.) I could just say my Vishuddhi was out…



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