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I like to think I’d choose a cabin by the sea any day of the week. But that’s me in 2021, when land is expensive and limited, much like my time — but technology is cheap and no longer novel. Back then, what would I have chosen? …

The Unsettling Search for Self in a Global Crisis

I’ve read 15 guides to coping with ‘reentry anxiety’ as the pandemic-related restrictions ease, and not one of them has helped calm my flaring mind. For one, it’s not clear exactly what we are meant to be reentering — a while back we were talking about the New Normal, which…

Anger that sinks into despair is powerless to make a change. Anger that evolves into conviction is unstoppable.

— Christiana Figueres, The Future We Choose

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I’m torn between writing this from the future, as if I’ve stepped into a time machine and arrived in 2050. It’s temperate, and the air is fresh — 50% tree cover means that we are breathing the finest air in several generations. …

Alex Turner

Founder, feminist, entrepreneur, coffee + self care

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